Tuesday, 14 June 2011


45 minute train ride away from Manchester is Knutsford. I think when Americans who have never been think of England they are actually thinking of Knutsford. It was lovely and quaint and charming and all of those types of things and it didn't hurt the sun decided to show it's face for the first time all week.

We went there for an auction for my etsy shop and the other project I am working on. Andy hardly ever goes with me to this kind of thing because most of the time he is working and I actually promised him I wouldn't drag him to things like charity shops (thrift stores) anymore because it makes him want to start smoking again.

I loved  having him there today, there are so many characters at these place it is fun to have someone to exchange secret looks with and laugh about it all.

This auction was a little pricier then I wanted to go but I picked up a couple cameras and two West German vases. I am loving west german pottery.

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