Friday, 13 May 2011

Where Do I Begin?

We don’t have the show “ Hoarders” in England but I did catch it last time I was home in the states and oh my goodness it has haunted me. I am not like those poor people but sometimes my etsy shop feels like a real slippery slope. So often I fall in love with things that I never wanted or needed and it takes me way too long to list on the shop. Or I acquire items that are just too large to sell on etsy. This week I came home from an auction with a freakin projector!

 I spent a day thinking I would fix it up and Andy and I would make 8mm movies and screen them….excuse me …what!?! I don’t have the time or attention span. (If anybody wants a Specto 500 I’ll give you a deal, and I got the screen too) I would love to see how other sellers store their stuff and manage it.

I also came home with quite the collection of old glass bottles. They are very pretty on my windowsill, if I was getting married again I would use them for the centerpieces. I keep talking myself into reasons I may need them in the future.... Slippery slope indeed.

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  1. Those bottles are beautiful Shelby! Loving your blog too! x